domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2010

Matéria - O Excêntrico Mr. Doctor

Se me perguntassem: "Eric, saberia me recomendar algum compositor completamente insano?", eu certamente responderia: "Sim! Mr. Doctor!".

A muito tempo atrás um amigo secular meu (Henrique) me aconselhara a ouvir as músicas de tal compositor, as músicas do Devil Doll, e eu ficara absolutamente abismado com a inigualável genialidade das músicas.

As obras do Devil Doll (Mr. Doctor) são normalmente ENORMES, onde o álbum todo é apenas uma faixa que pode ultrapassar 1 hora, com uma única história. (Sabe-se pouco sobre o Mr. Doctor, ele mora em algum lugar entre a Italia e Eslovênia, e não se "ouve" falar dele a muito tempo, visto que ele não da entrevista e enfim, é estranho.)
Mostrarei aqui um pouco da FABULOSA arte de Mr. Doctor! Contemplai!


Sacrilegium .I

Sacrilegium .II

Sacrilegium .III

Sacrilegium .IV

Sacrilegium .V

Sacrilegium .VI

Vale ressaltar que existe uma versão muito maior desta música (Da qual eu prefiro), chamada The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms, o que acontece é que ela não existe no Youtube. (Algum ser muito bondoso já nos fez o favor de colocar esta obra tão PERFEITA, GENIAL, FABULOSA completa no youtube, então já está perfeito assim.)


Profanatio omnium quae deo
Vel sanctis propositis consecrantur
For long endless millions of instants
I drank at the goblet of illusion
Tilling tumours and follies
Desperately wandering
Through the dark tunnels
Of the bone box
Then, submitting
I chose to drown
In the ashes of my dreams
When purity is raped
Three days are not enough
To resurrect:
Leprosy spreads out
The light of the eyes
Is extinguished
Thunders now shatter
The eardrums
The scream is:
"The plague be on you!"
The dust
I used to build
The impalpable reality
Of my nights
Brings me back
Along the paths
Where I scattered
Useless hopes
Can I trust you?
No, please, don't!
Can I trust you?
Forever, really, forever!
Oaths engraved in the water...
As a child, or an idiot
Who follows the laws
Of the XXXX others?
Quicksands have just one
Unrelenting goal
Bon voyage, mon amour...
That invisible enemy
Nestled behind those
Gorgeous, false, sharp
In order to conques the future: and destroy it!
I go back - once more - into the abyss of my nothing
You know
The dead have the virtue of looking like each other
It seems like yesterday
We were children
And playing at running
After each other;
You would often lock me
In the dark cellar
And I implored:
"Please open!"
I used to run trampling on
The little heads
- Cut off -
Spread ripe on the lawn
We had no mother
So we're taking turns
In being her
You were visiting my dreams
Leaving to snow
Through almost
Closed fingers
Glittering crystals
Of verginal illusions
Time seemed out brother
Until the deadly night
Twisted, I preserved you
- Jealously - Beside me
Gelid, adorned with
The damned cloths
Of the sudden
... while
... I offered you
A smile...
... in a suspended flash
The spirit...
... was plucked away
By the...
... sacrilege of fatal arms!
I kept the secret
"Where is the bride?"
"Forsaken him!"
"Fleeing the deceived"
"Left him alone!"
Talk, talk
You fools!
Forever I wanted
Still, lifeless and empty
The shadow of you
To lie on
The bridal couch
Where you laughed
Minding the tales
Bizarre and contorted
I told you every night
Prior to submitting
To the empire of the dark
Mors at suar cohortis ludus:
"Anathema, anathema tibi!"
Arcani vis et natura:
"Anathema, anathema tibi!"
They who know, do not speak!
They who talk, do not know!
"Maledictus! Maledictus!"
We are just sketches of men
Caught in a wicked vortex
Where tertium non datur
Between being god
Or being damned
But, after all
Isn't it true that
An inaudible suggestion
An ineffable remorse
A secret instinct
Reveal the impurity
Hidden in success
The vulgarity of victory
The filth nestling
In fortune:
Pure purity
Absolute catharsis
Is in misadventure
In tragedy
In one's ineluctable
Check mate
And when the lights dim
And falls slowly the curtain
I return to dance in a ring
With the skeleton man
And the bearded lady
The bird-boy and
The laughing dwarf;
Among dragons
And avenging angels
Winged maidens
And herds of blind men
Who bark
With open wide orbits
Taking me at last
To the world where
Uncertainty does not exist
In heaven. Or underground


Mr. Doctor .I

Mr. Doctor .II

While on the surface
Light and shade take turns
And smile and tears
And fair and ugly
Saint and nasty
And the monstrous
Is just the different:
Tiny crack in the globe's perfection
Down there swarms excess:
Where exception is the rule
And the loathsome
Spreads always
Unexplored dimensions
And sundry doors
Open on the magma:
The black holes
In the terrible adventure
Of each night
Whose irrational daring
Springs only
From the ignorance
Of danger
The doors open wide
And streams of unknown
Flow into the sleep
The unnameable
Gave me the axe
To lop off the head
Sever the limbs
Disguise coldly
And throw away
My brother
Lights often keep secret hypnosis
Sleeping down
- There -
In the dark
"Undead is whoever
Can wait eternally
In ambush
Ready to seize
With the fangs'."
Slowly the phantoms
Creeping through
The grey canals
Silently riding
The wings of reality
The mischievous glance
Speedily flares
While pure and deranged
My poor little sister
I deflower;
Or drive the red
- My red - Soaking blade
Into the boring beloved
Old benefactress' heart
And when the fog
Starts to unreel
And the obscure gulfs
Are covered again
As if nothing
Had ever happened
And yet the unaware people
Smile at me raising their hats:
"Mr. Doctor!".
And when the open wide eyes
Every damned
Endless moment
I set out
Across the pebbles
Worn out
Laying my read
I stare at the lights
For the list time
Two lights
On the tracks

2 comentários:

schmittenberg disse...

Excelente, excelente artigo!

Uma das figuras mais geniais e exentricas da sedunga metade do século XX!!!

De fato é uma banda única mesmo. Conheço a muitos anos e até hoje se mantem como minha favorita. Gostaria de frisar que as obras "The Girl Who Was Death" " Sacrilege of Fatal Arms" e "Dies Irae" que não aparecem no artigo tambem são discos fabulosos.

Meu preferido é a versão original do Sacrilegium um disco sombrio, enigmático, introspectivo.

Como dizia o proprio Mr. Doctor:"uma descrição não faz justiça" e é EXATAMENTE isso. Só ouvindo.

Ericson Willians disse...

Primeiramente, muito obrigado pelo comentário! Receio que ficaria muito grande se eu fosse colocar todas as obras dele aqui, coloquei com a intenção de apresentar apenas, assim a pessoa pode procurar posteriormente.

Realmente uma descrição não faz justiça, as obras do Mr. Doctor são fabulosas, geniais, fantásticas, incríveis, incomparáveis, únicas.

Músicas para a vida toda!